My name is Ece

Inspired by Indian Paisley print and finished in a variety of colors. Our newest Ece style is already a bestseller. Crafted from linen, embroidered all over, and hand finished to perfection.

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European linen, colorful embroidery, playful tassels and intricate hand finishing—these are the beauty marks of our premium fine fashions. Find your perfect summer dress or blouse from our latest collection. 


Summer Whites

Nothing channels the feel-good spirit of summer like a white look. Choose between subtle or bright embroidery, and wear it wherever you please. 
Here is out edit of white styles that are ready to ship to your doorstep.

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The term Vyshyvanka originated from the East Slavic word "vyshyvka" meaning "stitch patterns”. In this selection you will find our modern styles with a traditional feel.

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The traditional Ukrainian embroidered blouse, or how it’s called in Ukraine - Vyshyvanka - has been worn by women and men for centuries. 

An iconic classic, just like the little black dress or blue jeans. Traditionally only done in white, red, or black fabric, this timeless classic has been updated with a modern twist by adding color, tassels, and embroidery beyond the traditional sleeves, making it a resort-wear hit designed for your next adventure. 

We are proud to revive and keep the traditional needlework and heritage design alive in a modern, wearable way.