Thank You For Inspiring Us!

When I started MARCH11 four years ago the traditional embroidered blouse had already been a classic. Changing from one culture to another, worn by generations of women and reimagined by so many designers the blouse inspired my new start. When I launched our Instagram account back in 2015, I didn't yet know that my versions of this iconic staple would travel all over the world.
There is a lot of love and care that goes into the creation of every MARCH11 product. From sourcing fabrics to finishing our garments by hand, the process of making pieces that you will love brings us joy every day.
As a small company, it means the world to us when you choose MARCH11. And while the press releases and product copy are always telling stories about exotic places and ancient cultures influencing the designs, our primary and most important inspiration has always been you. Nilofar, Astrid, Pippa, Rosemin - those are not just the names of our bestselling styles, but also real women who with their personalities and style inspired us. Seeing you happy wearing our dresses and bringing them to life has been the most rewarding and exciting experience. Thank you for that! 
Robert Mishchenko
Founder and Creative Director

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