Characteristics of a MARCH11 blouse

Characteristics of a MARCH11 blouse

Named "The unofficial top of summer" by The New York Times for a reason, our signature pieces combine the centuries-old heritage of Vyshyvanka, the traditional Ukrainian blouse, with a contemporary design. Alive with vivid colors and adorned with intricate embroidery, our styles highlight craftsmanship in a modern and wearable way.
The following signature characteristics of our trademark blouses make them unique and instantly recognizable.



We create timeless shapes — featuring a relaxed silhouette designed for maximum comfort and wearability.



Considerable skill and time are devoted to creating collars that will perfectly tailor to the body. Uniquely, our collars are never cut round. Our talented seamstresses sculpt them by hand and with iron from a straight line of fabric. Each collar requires about an hour of work to transform into a round shape that perfectly adorns the neck.



Most of our signature styles are crafted from linen fabric. Beautiful rustic finish of this natural textile sets a perfect backdrop for intricate embroideries. Thread variations and imperfections add to its charm.  A perfect choice for summer — linen is lightweight, breathable, hypoallergenic, and antimicrobial.




Intricate embroidery is the unique signature on every one of our Vyshyvanka inspired designs. Created using hand and machine techniques, with solely hand embroidery on a few styles. This builds flexibility and elasticity in our embroidery — there's no stiffness.



Hand finishing details elevate our designs — to become treasured pieces in your wardrobe. Retaining centuries-old traditions, collars, cuffs, sleeves, tassels, and fringe on every piece is finished by hand by our expert seamstresses. One of the techniques we use is Sbyranka, gathering in Ukrainian, which is an ancient technique of fabric manipulation. Our seamstress folds the fabric in an accordion style, ensuring even distance between each fold. Then layers of thread are strung between the folds arranging them beautifully around the collar and cuffs. The time consuming process requires a high level of skill & experience.



Each detail receives our full love and attention. A vibrant and colorful finishing touch, our tassels are each skillfully crafted by hand in our atelier in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The spirit of Vyshyvanka is alive in all we do. We strive to present pieces of the highest quality, with hand-finished details, that you will treasure and love as much as we do!