Simple Tips To Care For Your MARCH11 Styles

Simple Tips To Care For Your MARCH11 Styles


Bursting with bright colors and patterns, our embroidered pieces are created to be enjoyed for many happy years. Taking inspiration from the Vyshyvanka, traditional Ukrainian blouse — they're a perfect combination of old-world style and modern techniques. 

A vital part of Ukrainian culture, Vyshyvanka is many centuries old. The embroidered blouses and dresses are passed down from a mother to her daughter as a precious family treasure — carrying within each stitch ancient wisdom and stories. 

For our modern day Vyshyvanka styles we combine machine and hand embroidery with traditionally used linen fabric. While still retaining centirues-old traditions, as most items are finished with elaborative gatherings on collar, cuffs and sleeves performed fully by hand by our talented seamstresses. Thus, passing on one of our embroidered pieces to the special women in your life would be a beautiful gesture. You are passing on exquisite craftsmanship and love. 

We wish to give you some simple ways to best look after them. If cared for correctly, your embroidered linen pieces will live on for many lifetimes. And will hopefully become treasured heirlooms in your family!



  • Always follow the Recommended Care Instructions on the label. Do not use any harsh chemicals or cleaning products to remove stains. Instead please bring your garment to a professional cleaner
  • Do not spray perfume or cosmetic product directly onto your garment 
  • Take care when wearing jewelry and accessories 
  • At least once a month, your piece should be taken out from storage and aired. Hang it in the open air. 



Store in the Cool & Dry 

To ensure longevity, keep your garment somewhere dry & cool. A temperature that you feel comfortable in — is perfect. 

Keep in mind to store in an environment that is well ventilated. So do not seal garments in air-tight plastic bags/containers. 

Instead, best to hang on a well-padded hanger and cover with muslin or cotton cloth to protect from dust.


Store in the Dark 

In storage, try to minimize exposure to light. 

Rays from the sun and artificial lights can damage natural cellulose fibers (cotton and linen). Our pieces are made from 100% natural linen.


While it may take some effort to care for your pieces, we promise it will be worthwhile in the end. Only remember, fashion is wearable art — so don't be afraid to enjoy these embroidered linens in your everyday life. And wear these beauties proudly and frequently as women did centuries ago!