Wholesale Terms & Conditions

1. This Purchase Order / Order Confirmation is expressly limited and made condition upon the terms and conditions contained herein in this document. 2. The price outlined in this document is the firm price and the Buyer without any deduction of any nature shall pay the total amount listed in the document plus the cost of shipping from the warehouse of March Eleven LLC in New York or its partners’ warehouses in the territory of European Union. Unless otherwise agreed in writing. 3. Payment shall be due to March Eleven LLC according to the payment term herein and shall not have any offset amount due. 4. Deliveries to be made both in quantities and at the time, specified on this order confirmation. If the ordered product becomes unavailable and cannot be included in the shipment, we will offer a substitution or cancel those styles and provide an updated order confirmation. Regardless of product shortages, the order confirmation is valid, and the client must fulfill their payment obligations. 5. The Buyer shall not cancel this order after confirming and signing of this Purchase Order / Order Confirmation. Seller and Manufacturer shall accept returns only in case of defective merchandise. Buyer shall not return merchandise without prior authorization. 6. Buyer must pay according to payment terms (Incoterms) stated in the order confirmation. If the buyer delays the payment, they must request an extension of time for payment in writing. We reserve the right to approve or deny the extension. 7. A late payment fee equal to 7% of the total amount will be applied to any outstanding invoices that are unpaid after the last day of the agreed term. This fee will be calculated and applied weekly to any outstanding unpaid invoices. Any additional debt collection costs incurred by March Eleven LLC from past collections efforts will be charged back in full to the customer. If the bill is 60 days past due, we reserve the right to take away any discounts or special pricing offered by March Eleven LLC and the total value of the order will change. If any special handling charges associated with storage or shipment of the order incurred. Buyer is responsible for reimbursing March Eleven LLC for the additional costs. We will determine the charges and issue an invoice for any additional charges. 8. The buyer must pick up their order from March Eleven LLC within ten business days of being notified that the order is ready. Unless otherwise agreed in writing. 9. If you have received products that do not meet your Purchase Order exactly, i.e. shortages, shipment errors, March Eleven LLC will assist you in returning or replacing the product/component(s). No sales adjustments will be accepted after seven (7) business days from date of shipment. 10. All payments are to be made to March Eleven LLC, registered in the state of New York. Bank account information will be provided on the invoice. 11. March Eleven LLC reserves the right to cancel this order confirmation without any notice. 12. In case of insolvency of the Buyer, the Seller shall have the rights to cancel this Order Confirmation without any notice. 13. MARCH11, ELEVEN MARCH11 and 11 logos, product design, and all brand images are the intellectual property of March Eleven LLC. They cannot be altered, licensed or used without our written consent. 14. Our products are sold to buyers worldwide and in order not to breach any agreements made with buyers in different territories. Products listed in this Purchase Order / Order Confirmation are intended for sale only at the locations agreed upon in writing.  This applies to any e-commerce or digital platforms. 15. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of New York. Any dispute shall be resolved in the court of competent jurisdiction in New York.